Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Introduction To Who I Am

Hi, there! I'm Jenn! Welcome to my blog.

I am a 33 year old mother of 2 boys and a girl. My boys, D & M, (respectively) are 14 and 12. My daughter, A, is 13.

I am (almost) married to the love of my life, P. We plan to tie the know next month. 12/13/14!!!

When I was 13, I developed anorexia. At 15, I started purging. The cycle continued until I was almost 19. I was hospitalized twice.

The first time, I was 86 pounds. I was 5'5" tall. That means I was in the 1% percentile of kids my age. Severely underweight. I spent 6 months in residential treatment. I was 16 years old. Two months later, I was back near 86 pounds..... Back to treatment, I go. I spent a year this time. Different place, more intense treatment. IV's, bed rest, no walking around. To go to therapy and group, I was pushed in a wheelchair.

When I was almost 19, I got married to my ex, & got pregnant! I knew then, I had to get healthy. Start eating more. I had a baby inside me to think about! I was right at 100 pounds. When I gave birth, I was 120. I didn't sweat my weight then..... I was too busy!

My ex & I split when A was 3 months old. I had my eating disorder under control. In my eyes, I was fine!

About 5 months ago, everything changed. My therapist says it's because my brain finally was mature. (Your brain continues to grow until you are between 26 - 35.)

Anorexia came back like an old friend that you never wanted to see again. This time, it brought its good friends depression, anxiety & good ole PTSD.

This is my story: I hope you stick around.


P.S. - Comments are always welcome, but please be nice. 

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