Thursday, March 5, 2015

Art Therapy ~ Why I Love It

As many as you know, some of the times it's really hard to put the way that you are feeling into words. Am I right? You know I am!

I have started art therapy as a was the express my feelings without having to sit, sometimes hours upon ends, to write one page of my feelings.

Right now, I'm only doing something called Scribble Therapy. In Scribble Therapy, you close your 
eyes, put your pen / pencil on the paper & scribble while counting, slowly, for a count of 30. 

When you open your eyes, mark where you started and finished. Now come the hard part. 

Sit back, relax & look at your pictures. When you see something meaningful, either color it or outline it with crayons or colored pencils.  

My Art Therapy journal also has a double sided pocket page so I can store the ones that I have drawn in the past. 

How awesome is that?!?

Mine came from CVS, but I'm sure you can find this one, or one similar pretty much anywhere. 

Next on my wish list is charcoals. 
Anyone want to buy me some?

Short your favorite form of self therapy in the comments!!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A New Journal Made Me Smile!

Something that every therapist wants us to do. 

When I bought my first journal, I stood in the aisle at Office Depot for almost a hour. 
Which one should I pick?
This one or that one?
No, solid color. 
Lined or unlined?
Unlined, so I can draw when I want to.....
No, lined, so my writing is straight........

I finally decided on pink glitter with black zebra stripes.

I still draw in it, but the lines in my drawings mess with my OCD.

Last week, I found my dream journal. 

There are lined pages, positive affirmations, some almost blank pages that I can draw on. 
Everything I wanted in a journal. I'm truly happy with this one!

Let me know if you have it or plan to get it! 

Monday, January 12, 2015

An OCD Kinda Mind

See, that right there throws me all out of whack.
I'm so OCD that I truly think it should be CDO.

The letters need to be alphabetized, in my opinion.
So what? I can admit to being different & weird.

Here are a few other things that I obssive over:

Toilet Paper:
It goes OVER, not under! Get it right!
(I have been known to throw toilet paper rolls at those who don't so it correctly.)
It also has to be torn in the right spot before I can wipe with it.
Again, I can admit it.

Cabinet Doors:
They were made to open & CLOSE, right?!? Then CLOSE them, dammit!

That leads to what is IN the cabinet

If they have a pattern that can be seen from the side, they need to line up.
Colors have to go together.

I Hate Odd Numbers.
If we are watching tv, the volume has to be on an even number.
14 too low but 16 too high? What can you live with best, 15 is NOT an option here!
The crazy thing about that is that my favorite number is 7.

Get this. If you follow along and keep reading after this, comment! I have to see who you weirdos are!!

Favorite Number: 7
Second: 14
Third: 68
Forth: 2

Ready now?
68: 6+8=14

Are you still with me?

Cans In My Fridge:
They all have to line up perfectly.

My socks can never match.
(It's a control thing.)

I hate my feet touching the floor.
Before I had my mustang, Natasha is a stick, I used to drive with my left leg tucked up from the time I got in the car until the time I got out. Now, I can only do that on the highway.

When I ride, my legs are normally crossed in the seat.
On the couch, I'm curled up.